It's been a long time and I still don't have my order. What do I do?

Customer Support (CH) -

Go to and fill out a trouble ticket.

You need to have your Order Number and Name. This is the number that you received via email confirmation when your order was placed. When you ordered, you were directed to a page where you were prompted to print your receipt--the number is on that page. As soon as we receive your trouble ticket we will investigate and get back to you. Please allow 24 hours for a response. We do not generally have customer service reps available on the weekends.

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    Jeremiah Horne

    Order number EB1503, Jeremiah Horne 3274 Masseyville Rd. Macon GA 31217 I never received my package at this point I’d be happy with a refund or another shipment that makes it to me.

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    @ Jeremiah Horne I haven't gotten mine either. I ordered it the night of the first concert. It says it got delivered, but I never received it.

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    Mark Surra

    My order is: Blue Öyster Cult - iHeart Radio Theater N.Y.C. 2012 CD/DVD (PRESALE 05/08/20) x 1

    Order ID is 6064324. I received a link in my order confirmation & I just want to make sure this is actual order for CD/DVD, and not a digital download. If its the CD/DVD, I assume it won't ship until after 05/08/20.

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